We make fulfilling lives, by offering personalised support we would be proud to give our own families.

Our Purpose

The Catalyst Choices purpose is straightforward. We make fulfilling lives by providing personalised support we would be proud to give our own families.

We set out our purpose and a set of behaviours,that when aligned together,enable us to achieve our aim of being a quality provider of services.

Our purpose statement sets out why we exist and is the benchmark by how we are judged – and how we challenge ourselves to meet the highest standards.

If our purpose is the reason why we exist, then how we act – our behaviours –  are the means of realising this.

Put simply, this is about how the company and it’s staff behave and how those behaviours bring the Catalyst Choices purpose to life!

How we act

As an organisation:

  • We are trustworthy – we keep our promises and are honest.
  • We are rooted in the local community, we are close to our communities, we use local suppliers to boost the local economy, and serve local families and employ local people.
  • We empower our staff to take responsible decisions for themselves.
  • We value our staff, we train them well and place them at the heart of the organisation and decision making.
  • We are flexible and responsive – services aligned behind customer’s needs and expectations.
  • Highly specialised – experts at what we do, highly skilled staff, well trained, confident
  • We are compassionate, understanding, helpful – not too big or remote to care.
  • We are innovative – we are not afraid to do things differently.
  • We follow simple, straightforward processes – we are not bureaucratic.

We set out our purpose and behaviours that enable us to realise that purpose

David Osborne


Towards our customers:

  • We are always pleased to see our customers and greet them and their families with a smile.
  • We listen – to our customers and their carers, we give customers and family carers a genuine voice and ‘say’ in what happens – “about me not without me”.
  • We offer stability, a safe environment and reassurance, peace of mind and continuity of care.
  • We encourage people to have fun and to try new experiences that are right for them.
  • We listen and understand what our customers and their families really want and need – to promote different opportunities and help individuals do the things they want to do, try new experiences and support them to be more independent.





Towards our staff:

  • We are clear and unambiguous, so that everyone knows what their role is, how it fits within the organisation and what behaviours are expected from them.
  • We treat our staff with the same dignity and respect we expect them to show to our customers – and we will defend the rights of our staff to be treated the same by others.
  • We provide learning and development opportunities to enable staff members to develop and strengthen their skills and knowledge.
  • We take responsibility for ensuring that our staff demonstrate the right attitude and behaviours for Catalyst Choices.
  • We do not tolerate any bullying or harassment by anyone.
  • We support and encourage staff to speak out on any issue of poor practice or poor quality – and act on this.