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Our Values


It’s a well-known fact people need to feel connected, it’s one of our natural instincts - it makes us all happier, and makes the things we do more meaningful. We all want to feel connected to the people around us, to feel that we’re part of something important and that we’re making a difference in the world.

We don’t want people to just enjoy being part of our working environment (although that is very important of course), but we want them to burst with pride when they share what they do and where they do it. You’ve probably heard of the saying, “live your best life”, it’s good advice, and when you’re spending much of your week at work, you want to be somewhere you love. If we truly want our people to deliver the best care, we must be sure we’re giving them the best working environment to do it within.  For that reason, we’ve developed ‘The Catalyst Way’, a staff-co-created approach that supports a great working culture. How? Well, it’s all about supporting our people to not only do the right things, but to do them in the right way - in the way we talk, in the way we act, how we’re rewarded as Employee Owners, but most importantly in the way we make others feel.  


At Catalyst, our unique role as Employee Owners means we all have a stake in creating a great place to work, and of course, all have a big part to play in creating that environment and making those who join it feel welcome and supported. Talking of new recruits, we work hard to bring in team members with the right attitude, they’ve got to see themselves in our values and bring everything they have to their work. We do everything we can to make sure that we only select people who’ll fit into our ways of working and gel with other team members. If we get that right, it’s the magic ingredient to keeping the Catalyst way alive.

                         I love being part of a culture where everyone has a voice and is given the opportunities to use it. I am motivated to be part of a team with common goals- providing excellent care for the people who we deliver services to and a great culture for our Employee Owners

Michelle Brammeier, Catalyst Way Director

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Our values guide everything we do  ​

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We work together to design and bring to life personalised and innovative care packages. 

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We’re open to change, new ideas and new ways of doing things for our customers.  

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We embrace accountability in our roles, looking for ways to solve problems and find solutions.

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We’re focused on continually growing and developing as individuals. 

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