It takes my mind off things when I’m at Neil’s.


Chris's Story

Chris accesses day time support from Neil and Stella and has been visiting them for over 6 years.


We laugh and joke, play music and visit different places.


Having received more formal respite support in the past, the informal setting of a shared lives placement suits Chris. He has developed a close and trusting relationship with Neil and Stella which is the basis of a successful shared lives placement.

Chris is very much part of Neil and Stella’s family life. He helps Neil’s father who has a visual impairment, helping him to choose the right things when they go shopping and pushes the trolley.

Catalyst Shared Lives gives Chris daytime support that is personal, valued and based on trusted friendships.

How to access our services

We can provide services directly to individuals with direct payments, a personal budget or through their social worker or other care professional.

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