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Residential Care

For any longer-term care needs, Catalyst Choices provides excellent support for people as they get older. We understand that it’s important to have a home-away-from-home experience and feel, that’s why through our homes at Woodleigh and Linear Park we continue to custom-build comfortable and familiar accommodation for our residents.

The service and homelike environment are designed for people to maintain their independence, achieve their goals and build meaningful and long-term relationships with other residents.

Our residential care facility features: 

  • Private garden space

  • Individual care plans with 24-hour specialist care

  • Exercise programs and engaging activities

  • Outings to the local community

  • Weekly healthcare professional visits

  • Salon services available  

Hear Mary's experience of Linear Park here

Hear from Woodleigh resident Lynn here

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Independent Living

The ability to choose our friends, where we live, and what we like to do for fun is what makes our lives unique and living independently can be one of life’s greatest achievements. Like many of us – who have our own networks of support – people with a learning disability or complex needs may need a helping hand to reach their goals.  We offer accommodation across Warrington through an independent living service which assists people to live independently and provides opportunities to help them shape the direction of their lives so they can thrive. People can choose to live in 3-5 bed houses and are empowered to make everyday decisions, such as what to cook for dinner or how to manage money. We encourage people to do as much for themselves as possible, with the knowledge that our staff are there to support them whenever the need arises. 

Our Independent Living services build on each person’s strengths to help them be part of the community, live fulfilling lives and to realise their ambitions. We strive to help people succeed in an environment that they create and tailor our support to meet the needs and interests of each person.


We offer support based on each person’s needs in areas including:

  • Shopping

  • Cooking

  • Cleaning

  • Assistance with the activities of daily living (e.g., bathing, grooming, dressing, eating and drinking, medication management and monitoring).

  • Managing money

  • Accessing transportation

  • Getting involved in the community

  • Maintaining health and wellness

  • Scheduling appointments


In addition to personal growth at home, we encourage people to spend time with friends and family, explore our local communities and travel in the UK and abroad.

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