We provide quality living support within a variety of supportive communities.

More about Catalyst Lives

Catalyst Lives provides living support in three areas – residential and short break support, specialist supported tenancies and shared lives. Skilled teams have developed key relationships of understanding and trust with individuals and their family carers.

Our refurbished hub at Woodleigh offers residential living for older people as well as short breaks (respite) care for older people and adults with a learning disability. Specialist designed facilities enable us to cater for people who have complex and multiple disabilities.

Supported tenancies teams enable people living in their own homes to maintain and learn new skills as well as pursuing interests and new experiences they choose.

Shared lives is an alternative and flexible form of support. In Shared Lives a person who needs accommodation or support becomes a regular visitor to, or moves in with one of our dedicated volunteer carers. Shared lives carers and those they care for are matched for compatibility and then develop real relationships with the carer acting as ‘extended family’ so that the person can live at the heart of their community in a supportive setting.


Our new development at Woodleigh is a platform for a range of specialised living support services

Dave Hodson

Key contact

Lisa Best

Area Manager

For more information about Catalyst Lives services please contact Lisa Best on 01925 235237